Home Remedies For Toothache And Gum Recession

Finding the ultimate solution for a toothache and receding gums is as painful as the problem itself.  It is always better to know the reasons of the problem before finding its solution. You should be able to understand the reasons why you are suffering from such problem and How to Prevent It.

Causes of receding gums

One of the principal reasons for a toothache and gum disease is:-

  • Unhygienic practices for dental health. It is important that you practice regular dental hygiene to make sure that you can prevent a triggering toothache.
  • Sensitive teeth: – You should also avoid sweets and if, your teeth are sensitive, avoid foods that are either cold or hot. It is always important that you will discover the causes of a toothache and make it possible to prevent such stuff to prevent a cavity from disturbing your life.
  • Over-brushing: – It is damaging your gums to brush teeth more than 5-6 times a day. We are obsessed, but we are cleaning incorrectly, and we are brushing with the wrong toothbrush.


Some Common Home Remedies for Toothache & Gum recession:

If you are looking for the best home remedy, then you can try the following solutions:

  • Oils Of Sunflower, Oregano Or Sesame: -Any of these oils can work to relieve pain. You just have to swish about a teaspoon of the oil around your mouth and on the aching area and feel the results after several minutes.
  • Cucumber: -Those who are allergic with traditional solutions such as garlic and onion can try putting some cucumber slices on the tooth. This can help the swelling to subside and make it possible to get rid of the pain for longer hours.
  • Guava Leaves: -It is a traditional remedy that has been used for many years now and is also considered to be an effective solution for your toothache. You can either chew it raw until the liquid slips into the tooth or have it boiled with a little sea salt and gargle it for several times until the pain is relieved.
  • Salt And Pepper: -The mixture may sound impossible, but a paste out of pepper, salt and a little purified can help in relieving the pain as it is applied to the tooth.

heal receding gums

With these alternative home remedies for A Toothache and Gum Recession Relief, you might get rid of the pain for a short period of wasting a lot of your time in finding these herbs in the market and following other hectic procedures.

As you find the best solution for your problem, you will encounter many answers; some may work, and some may provide a temporary solution. With finding the answers, it is important that you consider learning whether you are allergic to such remedies and find other solutions that you can try.

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