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If you have never imagined that contemporary glass staircases are something that you would want to set foot on, then you have probably not even seen what glass staircases look like. Without seeing a picture, you may not be able to imagine in your head how they look or how anyone could walk on them.

Scare about glass staircases

What will people say or do? Will they be aghast with disbelief? What will their reaction be? Will they hold the handrails casually or will they grip the rails as though their life depends upon it? It could be quite funny to sit off on the sidelines and watch people who are using the contemporary glass stairs for the first time. The results could actually be quite hilarious as you watch people’s faces for expression.

I am willing to be that just thinking about glass staircases can conjure up all kinds of frightening images in your mind. You think that glass staircases can’t possibly support the weight of people as they ascend or descend the staircase. You picture them plunging through the glass and winding up at the bottom of the floor in a heap all covered in blood and seriously injured.

Glass staircases are designed to carry weight

The reality is that glass staircases are designed with people in mind. Each stair is not a sheet of glass, but rather a slab of glass, thick and usually about 12 – 20 inches thick. The glass is affixed to a riser, or it can be attached to a support which is attached directly to a wall, which holds the stair in place, making it appear as though it is floating in mid-air. Glass staircases can be slightly intimidating if you have never seen one before.

The thought of walking up a staircase that is transparent and shows the ground below can be more than most people can take. It is okay, you can simply hold the railing and move up or down the stairs both quickly or slowly as you would like to do. Don’t worry about slipping, the surface of the glass is not smooth like ice, it is rough with a textured surface that allows your feet or shoes to grip to the stair as you move along the stairs.

Who would install glass staircases?

Apple was one of the first corporations to make glass staircases well known. Now, homeowners worldwide are seeing the possibilities of what their home or building will look like once they install glass staircases.  If you are building a high-end home, as a contractor, you may want to ask the homeowner about installing glass stairs. They will be installing a feature that will be completely unique to their home and probably to every home in the neighborhood. Be sure to order a sample in so that the homeowner can see what a riser looks like before you go all out and install the entire staircase.

You may be the one building contractor in your local area who works with glass staircases and this could potentially shoot your business through the roof.

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