How To Create An App Without Coding For Free

Creating an own app and linking an earnings model to this is attractive for many people and companies. However, it is more tough than it seems at first glance. Because how do you make an app that earns you money, while millions of other apps already exist? That’s why we make it modest for you: below you will find the 10 most popular methods to create an app without coding and earn money with your own app.

Mobile App Reseller Program

Many apps are standardized and made scalable, making them available to multiple companies. For example, there are apps that have a catalog of products in support of sellers and that are arranged for each user with their own catalog. Or an events reseller app that contains a different program, speakers, and mapper company.

You can resell these types of apps as resellers to companies. Here you are supported by the original developer of such an app. However, you have to think carefully about the value that the standardized app will have for the customer. Does the app really deliver something? Or is it an ‘app for the’? Apps with little-added value can often be recognized by a website appearance in which an app is crammed. The app then has many pages with static text and has no clear purpose for the user. Also, reselling an app by definition is not an “own app making,” you actually sell the app of another.

Something that makes Reseller’s app even less popular is that Apple is increasingly banning them. Apple declines apps that are functionally copies of other apps in the App Store. For example, if you are going to resell apps from platforms such as MobiRoller App Maker, then you have a good chance that they will only be published in the Google Play Store for Android apps. Not surprising, Apple blocks these apps because they usually do not deliver much for the end user.

If you are going to sell products within an app, a so-called “app shop,” then you start (often) with a backlog. Google does not or hardly search apps, so you will not find any customers via this large search engine. Customers also have to take extra steps to get into your app compared to a traditional webshop (such as finding, downloading, installing), and many people do not take this extra effort.

At the beginning of product sales in apps, this was especially the case. As the app landscape is constantly changing, products are increasingly being sold in apps. That is why an app shop also has advantages, for example when selling products that are often bought by customers. When people repeatedly buy a product, they do not have to think about their purchase anymore. Then it is very easy to buy a product with one click with an app (the app is already on the phone). In addition, there is a new integration with Google that allows users to see their installed apps in the search results.

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Especially if your company is already known to the customer, you can earn money by selling products in an app. For example, an H & M visitor in the store is already urged to download the app for a discount. The visitor knows H & M and the range; it is then a small step to the use of the app. unfortunately, this only applies to small-scale purchases, for large purchases such as TVs or laptops a customer will want to take the time in a store or on a website. Unless you already have an existing webshop, selling products in your app is not a good revenue model for creating your own app.

“So the popular app Angry Birds earned more to merchandising than to sell the app itself.”

Create An App Without Coding | Advertising In The App

Create your own app if you Build Android Apps Online and publish it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store; you can show ads and banners to users in this app. 50% (!) Of the clicks on these ads is by accident. So the value of these ads is not that big for the advertiser. You should, therefore, count on less than one cent per ad impression. For one dollar, an advertisement must be viewed around 100 to 300x. To make this business model work, you need a lot of users, so you have to focus on volume: as many active users of your app as possible. I think there are better revenue models than advertising.

How To Create An App Without Coding And Sell In The App Store?

Create your own app way of making money with your app is to sell your app for a few dollar in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Many users will not pay for an app; Apple users do buy apps rather than Android users. Making an Android app is therefore generally less lucrative than making an iPhone app, although the Android market share in the Netherlands is a lot bigger.

The revenue model of selling an app in app stores is often linked to showing ads in a free version and no ads in the paid version of the app. This earnings model works with valuable, useful apps. People often use the app and then want to pay for a better experience without those annoying advertisements!

But also in paid apps, you encounter advertisements because apps sell in app stores does not yield something quickly. It is only a few euros that you earn per download, and you have to give 30% to Apple or Google. And then you have to make sure that many people download your app. But even with many users, you are not there yet. For example, the popular Angry Birds app deserves more merchandising (selling Angry Birds toys and knick-knacks) than selling the app itself. That would say something about the profitability of apps selling in the app store. There are more thoughtful revenue models with apps than simply selling in the app store.

“You are much more probable to convince a party to sponsor you if you already have concrete results.”

In-app purchases

A smarter approach than just selling apps in the app store is the so-called in-app purchases. This is a way for users to purchase extensions for the app, from the app itself. Think of “coins” to better play your game app or to purchase additional features for an app. This works better than just selling the app because the user has used the app before he has to pay for it. In the case of in-app purchases, you also have to hand over 30% of the proceeds from the app to the app store.


If you find a company willing to sponsor your app, then pay for the development of your app. You are much more likely to convince this party to sponsor you if you already have concrete results, for example with a simple prototype of the app to a fully-fledged app that is already popular. The more you show a concrete app, the better you convince your sponsor and the more money you can ask for. That means that if you have made your own investments in the app and the results of this show to the sponsor, you are more likely to get the sponsorship. If you want to make your own app with sponsoring, do not come empty handed!

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Create Your Own App And Resell It

A combination of sponsoring and reseller of your app is to create your own standardized apps and resell this yourself to companies and organizations. You do not let yourself be sponsored once, and you do not become a reseller of someone else’s app concept, but you sell your own standardized app to several companies. So you are the person who owns the app and sells this as a scalable concept to several companies.

With the new guidelines from Apple, it is important to be careful not to make a simple copy. Or you can create one app in which the apps from different organizations are summarized. Then log users into an umbrella app, to see the contents of an app that you have created for a client.

If you have your app created by a third party, make good agreements about the rights for reselling an app. You can meet with an app maker that you become 100% owner of the programming code of your app, but with this app maker also releases part of his valuable working method and company programming code. Most are willing to release this, but for a hefty fee. If you are smart, you save on these costs and make agreements about resale with the app maker without having to be 100% owner of the programming code of the app.

“The knowledge and expertise from your company provide the basis for a qualitative app.”

Cost savings for the company

Making a smart application of your own app is to increase the efficiency within your own company. You let your own staff work faster and smarter with an app that supports their work.

That is already very easy with an already developed app, just from the app store. It only costs a few euros, which means employees keep their hours more efficient, for example. The ultimate thing you can do is a customized app developed from above the tens of thousands of euros. For example, an app that employee can use to find knowledge to increase the service to customers.

Of course, the investment in such an app must pay back! Depending on the amount of cost savings that is possible with the app and the payback period, you determine how much money you invest in the app, and the app ultimately yields.

The App As A Supplement To The Product Range

Within your own company, there are already some services and products. Why not use your knowledge and skills present within a company to put products and services in an app form?

Games manufacturer Jumbo releases various board games as an iPad app, Zwijsen publishers have various interactive textbooks and security companies sell apps to view security cameras on tablets. TomTom has its cabinets but also navigational apps and even bird clubs publish bird and encyclopedias apps. This is a smart way to sell apps in the app store and is completely based on what a company is already good at.

The knowledge and expertise from a company provide the basis for a qualitative app. The brand of the company gives users the confidence to download the app. In addition, it is possible to approach existing customers with these handy apps, and you quickly have downloaded without investing a lot in app marketing. And do not have your own company? See how your idea can add value for companies.

The App As Customer Service

The Best Way To Earn From Apps Is. By Giving Them Away For Free!

Albert Heijn increases the convenience of shopping with the Apple app, and the barber on the corner lets you schedule appointments via their app. Also with an app, you get at your favorite coffee shop a savings card with which every five the coffee is free.

Indirectly, these companies earn money from their customers via an app. These apps are all free because the companies know that they earn back this because they bind customers and indirectly realize more sales. By providing their customers with useful apps, companies are in contact with them, collect information, and their services and products are used more often.

Does your app provide better customer service, for example, because you let people arrange things yourself, then you have gold in your hands? There are various ways in which companies can be interested in this. The most important thing is that you show that your app is really valuable for their target audience. If you then calculate them how much cost it will save, you will soon reach an agreement.

So do you really want to create an app without coding and score with your own app? Make your app valuable to end users and find synergy with an organization! Click Here To Read More