Like Gazelles: Health-mas Carols

Making soups wheat and gluten free is easy, especially broth based soups.  Substitute rice or quinoa (a perfect/complete protein), for pasta. For a more substantial meal add shredded chicken.  Soup and sandwiches are always a big hit… just add a sandwich and you have a nice healthy gluten-free, wheat-free meal.

My sister made this soup last weekend, and it was a HUGE hit!   This was the first time either of us had used escarole.  As I am eating wheat and gluten-free now, she was kind enough to set aside several portions for me before she added pasta to hers. What a simple and delicious soup – and lucky me it was my lunch everyday this week, my co-workers were asking for samples and the recipe, so here it is!

I’m a big fan of making soups on the weekend and using Ball Jars to portion them into individual servings, this way I can just grab it and go and I have my lunches ready for the week.   Having  soup for lunch (or dinner) is an inexpensive option, helps get in extra servings of vegetables and saves you money by stopping you from ordering take-out.  If you are following a wheat free and gluten free diet, it’s not always easy or wise to eat out.

Did you know people who eat soup for lunch can help you trim calories?  Check out the article from the Mail Online News.