The Father of Gospel Blues

The Papa of Scripture Woe

Little bit of 9 year old Tommie as well as his family members relocated to Atlanta ga, Georgia coming from the village of Villa Rica, Georgia in 1908. Tommy was actually demoted a grade in school as well as aggravated due to the various other youngsters. He felt distanced coming from his college and additionally the black Baptist congregation where his dad was actually the minister and mamma was actually the pianist.
He devoted the mid-days as well as evenings enjoying the vaudeville functionalities where he found such well known woes artists as Ma Rainey as well as Bessie Smith. At grow older eleven he dropped out of college as well as took a project at show business selling soda.
He was figured out to arrive like Ma Rainey so he found out to play the piano and mentor himself to check out songs.
At grow older seventeen Tom relocated to Chicago and also became fairly successful as a blues piano player as well as performer in the backroom pubs during the restriction era. He took the expert title of Georgia Tom.
Tom had a problem with his conscience over participating in the “world’s music.” His mama was actually consistently advising him that he should commit himself to composing as well as betting the God. His battle ended up being so rigorous that he possessed a nervous breakdown and had to take two years off as well as move back to Atlanta ga to bounce back.
Adequately relaxed as well as bounced back, Georgia Tom returned to Chicago and also started to play for Ma Rainey as well as her big band. Having said that, it was actually simply a matter of your time just before he once more possessed a nervous exhaustion as well as must stop singing in the benches of Chicago.
He soon identified to commit his popular music absolutely to the God. He started composing as well as singing scripture popular music using cries style of popular music.
To his frustration, most of the major stream congregations declined to allow him to come back since his music sounded too much like the globe’s music. So he returned to the Chicago pubs to gain enough cash to survive.
Tom married and also was assuming his first little one within a year. He remained to play both in congregations as well as bars. It was while he remained in St. Louis planning for a concert in a religion that he received a telegram informing him that his spouse had passed away throughout giving birth. He came back to Chicago on time to contain his newborn lad but the little one perished within a few hrs.
It went to that moment that he took the pledge to devote his music totally to the Lord truly. It was actually likewise during his sorrow that he composed these words:
Priceless Lord, take my hand,
Lead me on, aid me stand up,
I am exhausted, I am unstable, I am actually worn.
Thru the tornado, thru the evening,
Lead me on the illumination,
Take my palm, priceless Lord, Lead me home.
Thomas Dorsey took place to compose almost thousand tracks, all gospel with a blues design. He perished in 1993 at the age of 96. He had actually made the headline of “The Dad of Gospel Blues.”