You Can Turn Things Around NOW…But Can You Really?

Serve topped with Parmesan and gluten-free croutons, a piece of toast or a sandwich. Makes approximately 10 servings and freezes well. Adapted from Cooking Light.

Tip: Use Ball Jars to portion out individual servings so your lunches are ready for the week, just can grab it and go!  Please note you can not re-heat soups in these jars in a microwave, transfer to a microwaveable bowl and heat.

Hard to imagine I’d be so excited about a funnel, but I just picked up this progressive canning funnel – the best canning funnel!  Since I like to store my soups in large tall glass Ball Jars (or smaller ones for individual portions), it’s impossible without a good funnel, holding the funnel as you fill it is cumbersome and messy!  Well here is the best solution and it’s affordable, the progressive canning funnel supports itself and fits regular and wide mouth size jars, and because the interior is red — you’ll avoid stains from making tomato based soups and sauces.

I love using Ball Jars for soup it take up less room in the refrigerator, they’re not made of plastic – and they don’t discolor. Tie a ribbon around a Ball Jar filled with soup or all the ingredients to make cookies, and it makes a great gift!  Who wouldn’t want a big jar of homemade soup or the fixings to make a fast batch of homemade cookies?

Two books on my list to read before making the leap to go Wheat-Free and Gluten-Free were:  Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD as well as revisit The South Beach Diet Gluten-Solution by Arthur Agaston, MD.